Friday, December 2, 2011

viscosity of water

That is an incredible method to have the water therapy that you need and refresh your mind and body and obtain the respite that you simply deserve from the Hot Tub. The physical properties of water make it a very helpful medium in which to exercise to treat muscle, neck and back pain. The benefits that water provides to help with Hydro massage and Hydrotherapy is related to the Buoyancy and Viscosity effect of water.

Buoyancy - The flotation effect of water helps to counter balance gravity to some limited degree and helps to support the body weight and this is controlled by using different massage seats in the Hot Tub. This semi buoyancy could be a support to the event of improved balance and strength and many simple exercises like stretching and flexing could be carried out.

Jets - On a well made our Hot Tub the Jets will be Interchangeable and completely adjustable - Activate and off - Total water control - All kinds of Hydro therapy zones. This interchangeable jet system allows you to control the flow of water pressure and the type of massage you will definately get at each seating area within the spa. Other Hot Tubs & Spas have fixed high pressure jets which will give you a stinging and itching kind of massage and might not penetrate deep enough to allow you to get the relief you need & deserve. Avoid spas that have numerous fixed jets so as to change jets in your spa as your therapy needs change.

Viscosity - Water naturally provides resistance by means of gentle friction and this including a mixture of pressure provided by warmed Water and Air Jets allows one to strengthen and improve the condition of aches and pains , while reducing the danger of further injury because of damaged balance.

Hydrostatic pressure - there are powerful effects produced by hydrostatic pressure that improve heart and lung function, making some gentle exercise a very useful way to maintain and strengthen heart and lung function. This pressure effect also aids in improving muscle blood flow.

Together, these properties allow for treatment of aches & pains but due to the buoyancy effect it permits you to reduce the weight placed on your body while stretching within the Hot Tub. For example, individuals with osteoarthritis within the neck and shoulder could practice arm circles or shoulder rolls in water to improve their range of motion and strength. Since the water provides both mild resistance and support through buoyancy, whomever would most probably not experience the pain caused when a tired arm drops suddenly, as it can do at the end of other exercises. Also the concept of pain could be substantially reduced a results of many factors including the relaxing sounds in addition to the heat from the water provided through the Hot Tub often making this a very pleasurable experience. Also the buoyancy effect from the water allows a wider range of positions in the Hot Tub due to the semi weightless effect from the water.

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